Seminars and Workshops for Writers

Workshops and Seminars for Writers  

Writers have the toughest job in Hollywood.  They need to create authentic characters from whole cloth without ever having met them, strictly from their imagination.

But there is short cut that eliminates months of rewrites and accelerates character discovery.

Mark Travis has created a revolutionary technique for writers that fully explores the depths of their characters – before writing a word.  This technique saves both beginning and seasoned writers time, money, energy, and much unnecessary angst.

Mark identifies the spine of a writer’s work fast. He asks all the right questions and gets the writer to understand what they are trying to say quickly and help writers uncover their hidden story.

Michael Raynor, actor and writer of: Who is Lloyd Stearn?

Mark’s Sold-out Seminars & Workshops Include:
  • Writing with Actors
  • Script Analysis and Breakdown
  • Writers Becoming Directors
  • Write Your Life
  • And many more


Mark Travis teaches writers how to:

  • Find the potential of the story before writing it
  • Understand what top directors need to see in a script to get attached
  • Track the emotional arc of each character
  • Let the character organically develop in reaction to their world
  • Strategically impose the will, desire, and design of the writer
  • Create the all important naive character
  • Access your character’s “subconscious”
  • Build REAL (not contrived) character history
  • Let your characters organically drive the story
  • Increase the subtext, conflict and dramatic elements
  • Assess and effortlessly fix problems of projection
  • Experiment with situational scenes for your characters before you commit to writing them
  • Mold characters emotionally, psychologically and experientially before you write them
  • Test and remedy your material, as you are writing

Mark is proud to announce that he will regularly be teaching his world-renowned WRITE YOUR LIFE weekend workshop in the US and internationally. This exceptional writing course is open to anyone who wants to create a one-person show, memoir, script, and more from their life’s story.

Get in touch with Mark W Travis

Call +1 818-679-7077 or email Mark Travis today at to find out what why Cyrus Nowrasteh, Brad Gann, and other esteemed writers trust Mark to consult on their award-winning scripts.

Mark is also available to teach his legendary seminars and workshops at Film Schools in the US and Internationally.

What Industry Professionals are saying about Mark W. Travis: 

If it wasn’t for the creative genius of Mark Travis, A Bronx Tale would never exist.

Chazz Palminteri

I am so grateful to have worked with Mark Travis.  I truly know in my heart that I could not have expressed myself artistically, verbally, comically, and joyfully without his brilliant teaching and coaching.

Juliette Marshall, Something in His Genes

Simply one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  Mark Travis creates a lively, fun, and non-judgmental atmosphere in which you can’t fail! He’s one of a kind, and if you have any desire at all to create a solo piece of your own, his workshops are an experience not to be missed.

Erin Donovan, Cabin Fever

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