Script Consulting

Script Consultation

What does it take for a script to get produced?  Mark W. Travis knows.

My real writing began after working with Mark.  He gave me a safe space to tell the truth.

Alice Manning, Writer, Actress, Storyteller

With over 30 directorial awards, Mark has taught and consulted with writers all over the world on exactly what their script needs to get produced in today’s competitive market. Mark’s directorial expertise, consulting, and training include all aspects of screenwriting from the genesis of the original idea to rewrites during production.

Mark knows how to remedy any weakness in your script and create mind-blowing rewrites. He’s an excellent communicator and you will walk away with a clear step-by-step rewrite plan detailing exactly what your script needs to achieve to be at a producible level.

After you consult with Mark Travis, you’ll understand why celebrated writers like Cyrus Nowrasteh (The Day Reagan Was Shot, Path to 911, The Stoning of Soraya M, Brad Gann (Invincible, Black Irish) and seasoned directors like George Tillman (Men of Honor, Barbershop, Notorious)  won’t proceed on a script until Mark has read it!

A Script Consultation with Mark will deliver:

  • Expert story analysis  to ensure it is compelling enough to be produced
  • A step-by-step analysis of story structure to create a discernable engaging journey that will wow readers and industry professionals, executives and audiences
  • A experienced director’s POV to increase your chances of getting a director attached and your film produced
  • Dynamic characters and character arcs that are relatable at our most important primal levels
  • A visual story that is made for the screen
  • Complex and riveting dialogue and clearly felt subtext that reveal the complexities of your characters
  • A legacy of you as a compelling writer in the industry

The earlier you bring Mark in the better your script will be.

Donna Sozio, bestselling author of

The Man Whisperer and Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers

I made a common mistake thinking I knew my own script simply because I wrote it. Working with Fred (Johntz) and Mark forces you to go much deeper than the simple text on the page.  Without this sort of work, you’re winging it without even knowing it.


Get in touch with Mark W Travis

Consultations are held in his Los Angeles office or by telephone and Skype worldwide.  Call Mark at +1 818 679 7077 or email him at: to arrange your complimentary 30-minute, pre-consultation interview.

What Industry Professionals are saying about Mark W. Travis: 

If you are a writer and you want to ensure that your script is compelling enough to attract the best directors, actors, and producers you MUST consult with Mark.  He brought my script to an entirely new level.

Donna Sozio, bestselling author The Man Whisperer

If it wasn’t for the creative genius of Mark Travis, A Bronx Tale would never exist.

Chazz Palminteri

Mark identifies the spine of a writer’s work fast. He asks all the right questions and gets the writer to understand what they are trying to say quickly and help writers uncover their hidden story

Michael Raynor, actor and writer of: Who is Lloyd Stearn?

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