The Travis Technique

The Travis Technique

Create Instant Riveting Authentic Performances, Under Any Budget
and Within Any Filming Schedule!

Actors:  It’s time to stop “acting”!

Directors:  It’s time to stop “directing”!

Why? Because acting is pretending, and directing is demanding and controlling.

Instead, when you use The Travis Technique, you can achieve instantaneous authentic performances that are deeply felt by audiences.

I have admired Mark Travis’ work with actors for many years.

Beau Bridges, Golden Globe & Emmy Award-Winning Actor

Mark said the things I always wanted to hear as an actor.

Jennie Garth, Actress-Producer-Director, BEVERLY HILLS 90210

With astonishing clarity Mark Travis articulates the techniques and skills of film directing.

John Badham, Director, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

When actors, directors and writers use the Travis Technique, it’s not just a performance anymore.  It’s REAL!  This creates organic authenticity in every performance and under any circumstance which translates onto the screen and gets you noticed as a director, actor, and writer.

The Travis Technique is an organic approach to directing actors that is guaranteed to create authentic characters and performances by shifting the focus to directing the character, not the actor.

It is also instrumental for writers to create compelling and memorable characters and for actors to blow away casting directors with gripping authentic performances!

Mark Travis first created his acclaimed Travis Technique out of necessity to get the most authentic performances out of actors under a tight schedule and on a tiny budget.  In the last 20 years, it has grown to be used by some of the best in Hollywood and the international film market including:  Jennie Garth, Beau Bridges, John Badham, Mark Rydell, George Tillman, Jonathan Pontell, Cyrus Nowrasteh and many more!

The first thing I do when prepping a new film is call Mark Travis to begin the workshop and consulting process that allows me to get inside the film and work my way out.  It’s about giving a fellow director the license to challenge you at every turn, and find the rich dramatic material within.  And in the end, make a better film.

Cyrus Nowrasteh, writer-director, THE STONING OF SORAYA M., THE DAY REAGAN WAS SHOT

Mark has had the pleasure of teaching his Travis Technique to students all over the world in over 50 film schools including: The Directors Guild, American Film Institute, Pixar Animation Studios, UCLA Extension, Hollywood Film School and The Cannes Film Festival and more.  His acclaimed technique has revolutionized the way directors work with actors, how writers create characters, and how actors do their character work.

The Travis Technique focuses on producing organic authenticity.   This is authenticity that comes from within.  It is felt. It is a vibration, tone, energy, and honesty that carries a deep sense of truth.  Mark Travis is our guide.  His Travis Technique gets us there.

Get in touch with Mark W Travis

Mark W. Travis is available to consult and teach workshops and seminars using his acclaimed Travis Technique in the US or internationally.  Contact him at  or call +1 818-679-7077.

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