Seminars & Workshops for Directors

Seminars & Workshops for Directors

Mark Travis is the only practical teacher of directing I’ve ever met.  Simply the best, I learned more from him than I did in four years of film school.


 Most directors make a critical mistake: They direct only the actor, not the character.

And that is just one of the many techniques directors must master.  They also must learn how to expertly stage scenes, understand exactly how camera angles intensify or diminish a shot amongst hundreds of other skills to become a renowned, in-demand, and working director.

Winner of over 30 directorial awards, teaching internationally in 50 prestigious film schools, for the past 20-years Mark Travis’ workshops and seminars have covered the entire filmmaking process including: all stages of preparation, pre-production, production, and post-production.  Mark has been instrumental in launching successful directorial careers in the US and internationally.

Sought out by the most experienced directors, Mark now teaches his signature Travis Technique: a simple, immediate, and powerful Directing Tool, directors can use to achieve instantaneous authentic performances that translate brilliantly onto the screen.

Mark teaches directors how to direct the character (not the actor) in order to create instantaneous authentic performances, even on tight schedules and tiny budgets.

I attended one of Mark’s workshops and picked up a directing technique I was able to successfully use a week later.  His approach is unique and I’m ready to learn more!


Directing a film is a complex network of creative collaborations. There are hundreds of artists involved in the creation and completion of the film.  And they are all led by the singular vision of the director.  Mark Travis teaches directors how to communicate, inspire, challenge and support each artist to ensure the quality and integrity of the film. His world renowned Travis Technique and other revolutionary seminars and workshops regularly sell out at prestigious US and international film schools.

Mark’s sold out seminars and workshops for Directors include:

  • The Travis Technique for Developing Characters
  • The Travis Technique for Directing Actors
  • Staging the Scene
  • Directing on Camera
  • The Director’s Journey
  • And many more… 

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Mark is available to discuss his directorial consulting services, seminars and workshops.  He will design an individualized program to fit your production’s or film school’s needs.

Call +1 818-679-7077 or email Mark today at to find out why directors and top industry professionals call him first!

What Industry Professionals are saying about Mark W. Travis: 

Mark Travis is the ultimate in getting stellar performances from actors.

Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, President, Noble House Entertainment, Inc., CEO, The Script Broker ®

The Travis Technique is one of the most powerful and easily adaptable methods to immediately work with an actor that I have ever seen.

Maury Rogow, President, Producer at RipMedia Group

Mark is all about the story.  His insights and techniques help everyone:  directors, actors, writers, and designers get at the meat of what storytelling is.  This is what sets him apart.

Jeff G. Rack, Director and Storyteller

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