Write Your Life Workshop

Write Your Life Workshop

I am so grateful to have worked with Mark Travis.  I truly know in my heart that I could not have expressed myself artistically, verbally, comically, and joyfully without his brilliant teaching and coaching.

Juliette Marshall, Something in His Genes


Do you have a story to tell?

Hawaii-1024x542Is it autobiographical?

Then Mark Travis’ WRITE YOUR LIFE workshop is for you!

Writers have the toughest job in Hollywood.  They need to achieve the truth of their characters without ever having met them, or even the actors who will play their roles.  Mark Travis’ internationally renowned WRITE YOUR LIFE workshop teaches a revolutionary short cut to develop and write your autobiographical story.  Whether you are developing a one-person show, memoir, article or speech, this workshop teaches you how to engage the audience in a deeply emotionally and visceral way.

You will learn a variety of unique story-telling skills and tools that will strengthen, clarify and shape your autobiographical stories including:

  • A Process to Discover What your Story is Really About
  • How to Expertly Develop the Storyteller/Audience Relationship
  • How to Heighten the Audience’s Journey
  • The Two Narrators every Writer Needs to Know: Scenic & Contemporary
  • Story Structure and Sequencing
  • Developing and Performing Multiple Character Scenes
  • How to Write Expertly in the Present Tense
  • Who “The Committee” is and what it means to your story
  • The Gap: Expectations vs. Result
  • How to Manage Expanded and Compressed Time Sequencing
  • Solo performance techniques
  • And much more

Whether you are an actor, director, a professional writer (or have never written before) Mark Travis teaches you the short cuts to achieve a publishable and producible writing style that engages audiences on a deep emotional level.

The WRITE YOUR LIFE workshop also gives students all the tools and insight necessary to continue the journey of development on their own.

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About Mark Travis

Recommended by Hollywood’s top brass: Jennie  Garth, Beau Bridges, John Badham and many other A-listers, for over 20 years, Mark Travis has been sharing his award-winning techniques on writing worldwide.  Mark has taught at over 50 film institutes internationally including: The Directors Guild, American Film Institute, Pixar Animation Studios, UCLA Extension, Hollywood Film Institute and The Cannes Film Festival.***

What Industry Professionals are saying about Mark W. Travis: 

Simply one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  Mark Travis creates a lively, fun, and non-judgmental atmosphere in which you can’t fail! He’s one of a kind, and if you have any desire at all to create a solo piece of your own, his workshops are an experience not to be missed.

Erin Donovan, Cabin Fever

I consider Mark Travis one of most precious gifts I’ve ever received.  I walked into Travis-Johntz a few years ago wanting to put on my one person
show… I had a great time.  I packed the house every night and thanks to his wonderful direction, caring nature and passion for what he does so well, I still have people asking me when I’m going to do my next show.

Lauri Fraser, A Peace of Mind

If I hadn’t seen the ad about the solo workshop and if I hadn’t called and if I hadn’t gone to the classes I am sure I never would have written and performed my show which is a big hit. Thanks Mark and Fred.

Murray Meyer, Walking Back to Brooklyn

Mark Travis is a master at the construction of an autobiographical solo play. His depth of knowledge is second to none and he is uniquely sensitive to the individual storyteller.

Michael Raynor, Who Is Floyd Stearn?

If it had not been for the Travis-Johntz Solo Process I would still be going around in circles and feeling a great degree of frustration over the inability to get my solo show out of my head and onto the page. Mark connected me with the story I wanted to tell and taught me how to tell it in a theatrically compelling way.

Rochelle Newman, Hip Bones and Cool Whip, www.hipbonesandcoolwhip.com

Working with Mark and Fred has been an experience of a lifetime.  Anyone serious about putting up a show should go through them.

Jack Freiberger, They Call Me Mr. Frei

I would never have completed my show without Mark.  With inspiration, support, and laughter I found my way.  Thank you, thank you!

Vivien Straus, Getting It Wrong

Mark’s insightful and encouraging approach to the solo process gave me the foundation for my show. He was the only teacher I sought out to get started and I’m glad I did. Because of him, I have material my audiences are truly enjoying.

Butch Hammett, Southern Discomfort (official selection Edinburgh 2003)

Mark gave me a voice into my life, full of insight and clarity, and a shrewd nurturing eye through this journey of the solo process.

Margaret Medina, Margarita on the Rocks