The Solo Workshop

The Write Your Life Workshop

Developing the autobiographical material for speaking, publication, memoirs or one-person show

The Write Your Life Workshop is dedicated to the development of autobiographical material for specking engagements, memoirs, publications or a one-person show. More than a writing workshop, it is a storytelling workshop. Students learn a wide variety of story-telling skills that will enhance, clarify and shape their autobiographical stories.

Autobiographical storytelling is more than telling your stories; it is taking the audience on a journey. This is a journey designed and controlled by the storyteller. And performing the solo show is perhaps any actor’s greatest challenge. Not only do you tell the story but also you create a unique and powerful relationship with the audience or reader. You embody all the characters, you present yourself at a variety of ages and you narrate the story from various different points of view. Ultimately, and most importantly, you get to take the audience or reader on a very personal journey and allow them to share with you your life experiences in a profound and meaningful manner. For the performing artist this is the purest form of self-expression.

Topics that are covered:

  • The Storyteller/Audience relationship
  • The Audience’s Journey
  • Using two narrators, the scenic and the contemporary
  • Story structure and sequencing
  • Developing and performing multiple character scenes
  • Writing in the present tense
  • Writing and performing montages
  • Expectations vs. Reality
  • Compression
  • Expansion
  • Performance and speaking techniques

The process of developing your autobiographical material begins with the material, with the story. And of course the deep desire within the artist to share this experience with an audience. This Write Your LIfe Workshop will give all students the tools, techniques and insight necessary to continue the journey of development on their own.

Number of Students: 20-30

Number of Days: 3-6

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