The Master Class for Producers and Editors

The Master Class for Producers and Editors

An intensive workshop designed for producers and editors, exploring the creative collaboration of the director and the actors in their interpretation and realization of the script

There is often a world of difference between what you hear or imagine when you read a script and what you may see on the screen after those words have been interpreted and brought to life by the director and the actors. And within that gap (between expectation and result) there can often be confusion, disappointment, bewilderment or anger.

In this Master Class we will be exploring that gap; how and why it occurs; what can be done about it; and, most importantly, how it can be avoided. Mark Travis will be directing scenes from various materials and employing professional actors.

It’s important to understand that there is a significant difference between the work of the writer, the imagination of the reader or editor, the vision of the director and finally the work of the actor. Writer, editor, director and actor … they all have the same words on the page … they all have the same story in the script, but the way they ‘see’ and ‘hear’ is vastly different and needs to be understood and appreciated by all involved in order to ensure a creative collaboration.

In this three-day Master Class we will be exploring:

  • Script
  • Analysis (the director’s POV)
  • The Actor/Director Relationship
  • What is the story really about?
  • The director’s personal connection with the story.
  • The Rehearsal Process
  • Character Development
  • Character Arcs
  • Relationship Arcs
  • Objectives and Obstacles
  • The Emotional Graph of each character
  • Staging
  • The Audience’s Journey
  • Closure and resolution
  • Working with Non-actors
  • Directing Comedy
  • Visualizing the Scene

Number of days: 3 minimum. (Could be longer if desired)

Number of participants: Unlimited, but will work best for about 12-20)

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