The Camera Workshop

The Camera Workshop

A hands-on workshop

The camera is perhaps the most mystifying and intriguing directorial tool. Everyone wants to get their hands on a camera but few learning directors know what to do with it.

The camera is simply a recording device and potentially a powerful tool for the director. It can either enhance the scene being photographed or diminish it. It is not so important that the director understand completely how a camera works mechanically. But every director must know how the use of the camera will effect the audience’s experience and perception of the scene.

In this three-day Camera Workshop, ten directors will explore a variety of camera techniques on scenes that they have rehearsed. Working with professional equipment and instant playback, each director will immediately see the results of his/her choices. Experimenting with standard coverage, active camera, passive camera, interlacing masters, various lens choices and focus choices will give each student a wider knowledge and appreciate of the camera as a directorial tool.

Topics covered in the Camera Workshop:

  • Lenses and their effect on audience perception
  • Active Camera
  • Passive Camera
  • The Line
  • Interlacing Masters
  • Dollies, cranes, Steadicam and handheld
  • Framing
  • The Power of the Frame and the unknown
  • Storyboarding: Continuity and Set-up
  • Communicating with the Cinematographer
  • Lighting

Number of Students: 10

Number of Days: 3

Number of actors needed: 20

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