The Actor’s 9-1-1

The Actor’s 9-1-1

Formerly The Actor’s Bootcamp

Most actors are not prepared or trained to deal with three of most consistent and perplexing obstacles that an actor has to face.

1. a script that is either incomprehensible or presents no clues to character or event

2. a scene partner that is inexperienced, uncooperative or inflexible

3. a director who is unclear, unsupportive, can’t communicate or is totally unavailable (this the often the most serious and problematic obstacle actors face).

This is where the Actor’s 9-1-1 comes in. In The Actor’s 9-1-1 skilled actors will learn how to find directorial solutions to these problems: how to make weak material work, how to direct themselves and even how to direct others (their scene partners) in an appropriate and non-threatening manner.

The Actor’s 9-1-1 covers:

  • Survival techniques for any acting situation
  • Finding the hidden meaning in the scene
  • How to translate ‘result’ directing into organic behavior
  • Creating dynamic objectives and obstacles that will bring any scene to life
  • How to ‘direct’ your scene partners without them knowing it
  • Adapting bad staging into dynamic, organic staging
  • Self-staging in order to stimulate your character and others
  • And much, much more …

When actors learn to think like directors (solving problems rather than being crippled by them) then they can take more control of their craft.

Number of Days: 2-6

Number of Participants: 20

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