Script Analysis and Breakdown

Script Analysis and Breakdown

From a director’s point of view

The film director has a unique way of looking at the film script and breaking it down. For the director the script is not a literary document but rather a tool, a guide, leading to the creation of a motion picture.

In this two-day seminar, Mark Travis takes a well know script and step-by-step takes the students through a detailed analysis of story, character, arcs and themes. In a well-designed process each scene is broken down into its basic elements of objectives, obstacles, core actions, raison d’etre and arc. A wide range of choices is discovered and discussed with the understanding that there is no right answer, no correct choice, and only personal vision.

Topics and areas covered include:

  • What is the story REALLY about?
  • The director’s personal connection with the story.
  • The definition of protagonist.
  • The Inciting Incident.
  • The Obligatory Scene
  • Character Arcs
  • Relationship Arcs
  • The role of Obstacles in defining characters
  • The Three Act Structure
  • Turning Points and Adjustments
  • The Emotional Graph of each character
  • The Audience’s Journey
  • Closure and resolution
  • Themes and symbols

Number of students: As many as you like (usually 50-60)

Number of days: 2

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