Acting for the Camera and Directing for the Camera

Acting for the Camera and Directing for the Camera

A focused on-camera workshop for actors and directors of all levels

Acting in front of the camera can be mystifying and confusing. There are considerations of size of performance, framing, the lenses, the eye line, lighting, intensity of expression and emotion. And all of this seems so technical for the actor and director who are simply trying to create credible performances.

In this very specific and detail workshop, Mark W. Travis meticulously guides each actor and director through the development of intricate and intimate relationships with the camera. The actor can only learn by doing. The director can only learn by directing. The skills of acting and directing for the camera can only be developed by learning how to judge and critique your own work.

The following aspects of on-camera work will be covered:

  • Developing The Character For The Screen
  • The Actor’s Script Breakdown Process
  • Building A Character As You Are Shooting Out Of Sequence
  • Objectives, Obstacles, Means And Adjustments
  • The Eye-line
  • Adjusting The Performance For The Size Of The Shot
  • The Actor’s Relationship With The Camera
  • Communicating With The Director
  • Communicating With The Cinematographer And Operator
  • Understanding Lenses And Coverage
  • Using The Power Of The Frame
  • How To Support Your Partner When You Are Off-Camera
  • Staging And How It Affects Performance And The Shot
  • Personalizing The Camera
  • The Static Camera Vs. The Moving Camera
  • The Actor’s Relationship To The Microphone
  • Bracketing Your Performance
  • Understanding Cutting and Editing Patterns and Concern

Each actor will work on camera with script material from established screenplays. Each director will be required to work with several different actors on several different scenes. Each performance will be taped and the participants will be required to view and critique their own work as well as the work of others.

Number of students: 20 Actors, 10 Directors, and unlimited observers

Number of Days: 5

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