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Mark has developed a wide range of Film Directing Seminars and Workshops that have been instrumental in generating careers here in the US as well as overseas. His ability to clearly articulate and demonstrate numerous techniques and approaches makes the learning effective and efficient.

Mark is available to teach any of his internationally acclaimed seminars and workshops in the US and internationally.  To get in touch with Mark, email him  at or call him at +1 818-679-7077

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Mark and Fred (Johntz) understand that the Director is quintessentially a storyteller. They know what it takes to shape a compelling film.

George Tillman, Jr., Director, Producer, SOUL FOOD, MEN OF HONOR, BARBERSHOP


The Travis Technique is an approach to Directing, Acting and Writing that Mark Travis has been developing over the past 30 years. The primary elements of this powerful technique are WRITE YOUR LIFE, THE INTERROGATION PROCESS and THE POWER OF STAGING. (These individual workshops are listed below.)

THE TRAVIS TECHNIQUE centers around three primarily disciplines:

– In order to know your story, know your characters and to create authentic stories that resonate withthe audience, you first need to know yourself, your own stories and how to connect in a personal way with your audience. (WRITE YOUR LIFE)

– In order to generate and stimulate authentic performances from your actors you must Stop Directing the Actors and Start Directing the Characters. (THE INTERROGATION PROCESS)

– in order to bring each and ever scene to authentic life you must know how to create an authentic atmosphere and use the elements of that atmosphere to generate and stimulate authentic emotions in the characters and in the audience. (THE POWER OF STAGING).

All of the workshops below, taught exclusively by Mr. Travis, center around these techniques and bring all participants a rich experience of exploration and experimentation.



The Interrogation Process (developed by Mark Travis) is based on the works of Stanislavsky, Meisner, Strassberg, Clurman, Adler and Spolin. Based on the simple concept that if you can stimulate the character and ignite the character’s brain, then the actor can step back, relinquish control and the character will operate independently and authentically.

In this workshop participants are exposed to all the techniques of Interrogation (the direct communication with the character) and how these techniques can actually mold the character and determine the character’s point of view, attitude, agenda, emotional state, etc.

Interrogator Master Classes are 1-2 days.

Interrogator Workshops vary from 3-15 days depending on the needs of the institute and the availability of the students.

The Director’s Journey

The Director’s Journey is an intensive three-day (24-hour) seminar covering the entire process of directing a feature film from script to screen, from concept to completion.

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The Master Classes

These intensive one or two day Master Classes introducestudents to a variety of directing tools and techniques which Mr. Travis demonstates working with professional writers, scripts and actors.

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The Master Class for Producers and Editors

When we read a script we see a movie playing in out head with actors in full performance. But when we see the work of the director and actors it is often drastically different. In this unique Master Class (designed for the producers at SAT1 in Berlin) Mr. Travis demonstrates the wide range of possible and workable interpretations and projections that we can all have and how each artist formulates a personal vision—and how we can meld these visions into a cohesive whole.

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Mark Travis is the only practical teacher of directing I’ve ever met—and simply the best. I learned more from him than I did in four years of film school!

Cyrus Nowrasteh, Writer/Director, THE DAY REAGAN WAS SHOT, PATH TO 9/11

The Director’s Workshop

The Director’s Workshop affords the student director the unique opportunity to work with script and actors in a rehearsal process under the guidance of a seasoned professional.

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The Power of Staging

Most directors don’t appreciate is how powerfully staging communicates the subtext to the audience and also how efficiently proper staging can stimulate an emotional truth within the actor.

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The Camera Workshop

The camera is a powerful tool for the director. He must know exactly how his use of the camera will effect the audience’s perception of the scene.

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I was immediately able to apply the principles learned in his class when I began to direct

Jonathan Pontell, Co-Executive Producer/Director, ALLY McBEAL, CHICAGO HOPE

Script Analysis and Breakdown

In a well-designed process each scene is broken down into its basic elements of objectives, obstacles, core actions, raison d’etre and arc.

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The Actor and Director in Rehearsal and Performance

It is the work of the director and actors that brings life to the characters, to the story and allows the audience a personal experience.

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The Actor’s 9-1-1

The Actor’s 9-1-1 is the actor’s ultimate survival guide. In The Actor’s 9-1-1 actors learn how to make weak material work, how to direct themselves and even how to direct their scene partners in an appropriate and non-threatening manner.

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An eye-opening description of the work that needs to be done before one frame is filmed.

Alejandro Ferreyra, Screenwriter Magazine

Acting For The Camera and Directing For The Camera

A very specific and detailed workshop which guides each actor and director through the development of intricate and intimate relationships with the camera.

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The Write Your Life Workshop

The Write Your Life Workshop is a storytelling workshop unlike any other. Students learn a wide variety of story-telling skills that will enhance, clarify and shape their autobiographical stories.

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