The Travis Technique for Actors – July-August 2016


This is Not a Traditional Acting Workshop,

But a Course in New Techniques for Actors

The Travis Technique™ for Actors is a unique 6-week course for professional actors that introduces tools and techniques that will give them greater control, autonomy, authenticity and independence in every role.

Dates and hours:    Sundays from July 10 through August 14. 2pm – 5pm.

Location:    The Travis Story Center, 10322 Mary Bell Avenue, Shadow Hills, California.

Topics covered:

-Script Analysis and Breakdown from the Actor’s POV

-Scene Breakdown from the Character’s POV

-Autobiographical Writing for the Character

-The First Three Steps

-Questioning your Character

-Character Interrogation

-Determining and Recording the Beats of the Scene

-Interrogating your Scene Partner


-Writing the Journal of the Character, Scene by Scene

-Designing the Internal Journey of the Character

-Play Dates

-Dream Boards

-The Power of the Prop

-Independent Activities

-The Theory of the Continuum

-A Day with your Character

-Letter Writing

-The Scripted Journal

-The Power of Staging

-Macro vs. Micro Staging


-The Actor and the Camera


All participants will be assigned scenes and scene partners.

NOTE: There will be no traditional ‘scene study’ work other than a first reading of the scenes on Week One and a final presentation of the scenes on Week Six.

There will be no directing of the scenes or characters as this course is intended to give each actor the tools necessary to develop and render his/her character without directorial assistance.

Fee: $300, paid in advance. There are no ‘make-up’ days and no refunds for days missed.

To register: Contact Elsha at

Or simply sign up via PayPal.

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