Seminars and Workshops for Actors

It’s time to stop “Acting”!

Why? When acting is pretending

it’s not an authentic  depiction of a character.

Mark said the things I always wanted to hear as an actor.

Jennie Garth, Actress-Producer-Director, BEVERLY HILLS 90210

Use the acclaimed Travis Technique to learn how to create instantaneous authentic performances every time, even under pressure.

With over 30 prestigious directing awards, Mark W. Travis is revered by the top brass of Hollywood and international film schools as the “go to” teacher for actors who want to launch their acting careers.

Generously sharing his hard won knowledge and expertise, Mark offers a variety of workshops and seminars for actors on how to achieve instantaneous authentic performances that are deeply felt by audiences.

Learn The Travis Technique

Every actor knows that their next job depends upon the brilliance and power of their last performance. The Travis Technique gives actors instant access to hidden depths of their characters they never knew existed.  When you work with Mark Travis, it’s not merely a performance anymore. It’s REAL. His Travis Technique creates organic authenticity in every performance under any time crunch or in face of any set challenge.

Find out what why Henry Winkler, Jim Beaver, Lee Meriwether, Barbara Bain, Bill Pullman and other esteemed actors trust Mark to bring out their best and most authentic performances.

Whether at a casting call, on set, or in rehearsal, Mark Travis gives actors immediate remedies to their most pressing problems so nothing stops them from delivering a true performance.

Mark Travis teaches actors how to:

  • Get noticed by top directors, writers, and producers
  • Remedy weak scripts and inexperienced scene partners
  • Expertly direct and stage yourself for mind-blowing performances
  • Flesh out true and compelling characters from even the weakest script
  • Blow away casting directors with instantaneous authentic performances
  • Expertly understand camera angles to increase scene tension and conflict
  • Understand the director’s POV for award-winning results
  • Bring immediate authenticity to a character in the casting process
  • Build your character, even when shooting out of sequence
  • And much more…

Seminars and Workshops Include:

  • The Actor’s 911
  • Acting on Camera Workshop
  • Actors in Rehearsal
  • And many more…

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Mark is available to teach his legendary seminars and workshops at Film Schools in the US and Internationally.

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What Industry Professionals are saying about Mark W. Travis: 

I had the extreme good fortune to work under the direction of Mark Travis.  I must extol his incredible technique! He is BRILLIANT!

Lee Meriwether, Actor

Mark’s ability to convey a process of achieving deep, truthful work from actors is unparalleled. His approach is unique. The results are amazing and immediate.

Alan Watt , author, The 90-Day Novel

For me this technique is about the end of “acting” and finally learning how to be a character!

Tinka Kleffner, actor Munich, Germany

There’s magic in the room when Mark Travis works with actors.   I was riveted.

Kim Adelman, Author, “Making it Big in Shorts”

Working with Mark Travis has been the most truly pivotal experience for me as a writer, director and actor.  His incredible understanding of the human condition and how to effectively bring an actor to their truest and fullest performance with his Technique is truly astounding and groundbreaking.  And his ability to teach directors how to do this as well is phenomenal.  He cracked open everything for me from the first moment I met him as a student and heard him speak 12 years ago and through working with him as a director and actor.  I really cannot express his brilliance in words.  You MUST experience it!

Tina Cardinale, Director, Actor

It’s fascinating to watch Mark Travis wield his technique with actors and non-actors alike. Even more fascinating was to be directed by him. He talked through me to the character he helped me inhabit. It was as if he confidently guided me out of my own monkey mind, insecurities and over-analysis through to an into-character experience.

Heather Hale, Producer, Writer, Performer

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