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Endorsements for Mark W. Travis

Founder of the revolutionary Travis Technique, Mark Travis teaches directors how to direct the character, not the actor, in order to create instantaneous authentic performances (even on a tight schedule or a tight budget) that translate brilliantly onto the screen.

Winner of over 30 directorial awards, for the last 20 years in over 50 prestigious film schools internationally, Mark Travis has taught his world renowned Travis Technique. His revolutionary sold-out seminars focus on all stages of pre-production, production, and post-production.

He is also a much-loved and revered directorial and script consultant for such A-list notables as Beau Bridges, Jennie Garth, Mark Rydell, Art Seidleman, Randal Kleiser, Asaad Kelada, Jan Eliasberg, John Badham and many more.

If it wasn’t for the creative genius of Mark Travis, A Bronx Tale would never exist.

Chazz Palminteri

The first thing I do when prepping a new film is call Mark Travis and begin the workshop and consulting process that allows me to get inside the film and work my way out. It’s a great process that I highly recommend for any director. It’s about giving a fellow director the license to challenge you at every turn, and find the rich dramatic material within — and in the end a better film.

Cyrus Nowrasteh, writer-director, THE STONING OF SORAYA M., THE DAY REAGAN WAS SHOT

With astonishing clarity Mark Travis articulates the techniques and skills of film directing.

John Badham, Director, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

Mark taught me what I needed to know to be a director.

Jennie Garth, Actress-Producer-Director, BEVERLY HILLS 90210

Immediately I was able to apply the principles learned in his class when I began to direct!

Jonathan Pontell, Co-Executive Producer/Director, ALLY MCBEAL, CHICAGO HOPE

Mark Travis is the only practical teacher of directing I’ve ever met. Simply the best, I learned more from him than I did in four years of film school.


I attended one of Mark’s workshops and picked up a directing technique I was able to successfully use a week later.  His approach is unique and I’m ready to learn more!


Mark Travis is the ultimate in getting stellar performances from actors.

Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, President, Noble House Entertainment, Inc., CEO, The Script Broker ®

The Travis Technique is one of the most powerful and easily adaptable methods to immediately work with an actor that I have ever seen.

Maury Rogow, President, Producer at RipMedia Group

Mark is all about the story. His insights and techniques help everyone: directors, actors, writers, and designers get at the meat of what storytelling is.  This is what sets him apart.

Jeff G. Rack, Director and Storyteller

I have admired Mark Travis’ work with actors for many years.

Beau Bridges, Golden Globe & Emmy Award-Winning Actor

Mark said the things I always wanted to hear as an actor.

Jennie Garth, Actress-Producer-Director, BEVERLY HILLS 90210

I had the extreme good fortune to work under the direction of Mark Travis. I must extol his incredible technique! He is BRILLIANT!

Lee Meriwether, Actor

Mark Travis’ brilliant insight into how the director can draw great, natural performances from his or her actors, widely known as the Travis Technique, is an absolute must for every professional and up-and-coming director, actor, and writer. I highly recommend it.

James Bonnet, author of Stealing Fire From The Gods: The Complete Guide to Story for Writers and Filmmakers.

Mark’s ability to convey a process of achieving deep, truthful work from actors is unparalleled. His approach is unique. The results are amazing and immediate.

Alan Watt, author, The 90-Day Novel

For me this technique is about the end of “acting” and finally learning how to be a character!

Tinka Kleffner, actor Munich, Germany

There’s magic in the room when Mark Travis works with actors. I was riveted.

Kim Adelman, Author, “Making it Big in Shorts”

Working with Mark Travis has been the most truly pivotal experience for me as a writer, director and actor. His incredible understanding of the human condition and how to effectively bring an actor to their truest and fullest performance with his Technique is truly astounding and groundbreaking.  And his ability to teach directors how to do this as well is phenomenal. He cracked open everything for me from the first moment I met him as a student and heard him speak 12 years ago and through working with him as a director and actor. I really cannot express his brilliance in words. You MUST experience it!

Tina Cardinale, Director, Actor

It’s fascinating to watch Mark Travis wield his technique with actors and non-actors alike. Even more fascinating was to be directed by him. He talked through me to the character he helped me inhabit. It was as if he confidently guided me out of my own monkey mind, insecurities and over-analysis through to an into-character experience.

Heather Hale, Producer, Writer, Performer

I made a common mistake thinking I knew my own script simply because I wrote it. Working with Fred (Johntz) and Mark forces you to go much deeper than the simple text on the page.  Without this sort of work, you’re winging it without even knowing it.


My real writing began after working with Mark.  He gave me a safe space to tell the truth.

Alice Manning, Writer, Actress, Storyteller

With astonishing clarity Mark Travis articulates the techniques and skills of film directing. Students will find invaluable guidance on all stages of the directing process.


Mark identifies the spine of a writer’s work fast asks all the right questions to get a writer to understand what they are trying to say quickly and help writers uncover their hidden story.

Michael Rayor, actor and writer of: Who is Lloyd Stearn?

I worked with Mark Travis at the Cannes Film Festival giving directing workshops for advanced student filmmakers. Mark is a true professional who knows his craft and is able to teach and inspire with great effectiveness.

John Mason, Kodak

Mark has been one of the most inspiring mentors and facilitators I have had in my career. He has been crucial at opening a whole world of possibilities and tools for me as a director.

Rodrigo Bellott, Barcelona, Filmmaker / Storyteller

Mark and Fred (Johntz) understand that the director is quintessentially a storyteller. They know what it takes to shape a compelling film.

George Tillman, Jr., Director, Producer, SOUL FOOD, MEN OF HONOR, BARBERSHOP

If you are a writer and you want to ensure that your script is compelling enough to attract the best directors, actors, and producers you MUST consult with Mark.  He brought my script to an entirely new level.

Donna Sozio, bestselling author The Man Whisperer

Praise for Mark Travis’ WRITE YOUR LIFE Workshop

I am so grateful to have worked with Mark Travis. I truly know in my heart that I could not have expressed myself artistically, verbally, comically, and joyfully without his brilliant teaching and coaching.

Juliette Marshall, Something in His Genes; Something in Her Genes

Simply one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Mark Travis creates a lively, fun, and non-judgmental atmosphere in which you can’t fail! He’s one of a kind, and if you have any desire at all to create a solo piece of your own, his workshops are an experience not to be missed.

Erin Donovan, Cabin Fever

I consider Mark Travis one of most precious gifts I’ve ever received. I walked into Travis-Johntz a few years ago wanting to put on my one person show… I had a great time.  I packed the house every night and thanks to his wonderful direction, caring nature and passion for what he does so well, I still have people asking me when I’m going to do my next show.

Lauri Fraser, A Peace of Mind

If I hadn’t seen the ad about the solo workshop and if I hadn’t called and if I hadn’t gone to the classes I am sure I never would have written and performed my show which is a big hit. Thanks Mark and Fred.

Murray Meyer, Walking Back to Brooklyn

Mark Travis is a master at the construction of an autobiographical solo play. His depth of knowledge is second to none and he is uniquely sensitive to the individual storyteller.

Michael Raynor, Who Is Floyd Stearn?

If it had not been for the Travis-Johntz Solo Process I would still be going around in circles and feeling a great degree of frustration over the inability to get my solo show out of my head and onto the page. Mark connected me with the story I wanted to tell and taught me how to tell it in a theatrically compelling way.

Rochelle Newman, Hip Bones and Cool Whip, www.hipbonesandcoolwhip.com

Working with Mark and Fred has been an experience of a lifetime. Anyone serious about putting up a show should go through them.

Jack Freiberger, They Call Me Mr. Frei

I would never have completed my show without Mark. With inspiration, support, and laughter I found my way. Thank you, thank you!

Vivien Straus, Getting It Wrong

Mark’s insightful and encouraging approach to the solo process gave me the foundation for my show. He was the only teacher I sought out to get started and I’m glad I did. Because of him, I have material my audiences are truly enjoying.

Butch Hammett, Southern Discomfort (official selection Edinburgh 2003)

Mark gave me a voice into my life, full of insight and clarity, and a shrewd nurturing eye through this journey of the solo process.

Margaret Medina, Margarita on the Rocks

Praise for Mark Travis’ LA Times bestseller Directing Feature Films:

A must read for any serious professional.

Mark Rydell, Director, On Golden Pond

It is rare to find a reference guide that has as its primary focus the director as a creative artist and visionary. For the experienced director, DIRECTING FEATURE FILMS is an invaluable reminder of why the journey was first undertaken; for the beginning director, it is a compass that will set the course for the rewarding explorations to follow.


An eye-opening description of the work that needs to be done before one frame is filmed.

Alejandro Ferreyra, Screenwriter Magazine

If every feature film director were to read – and follow – Mark Travis’ guide to working with actors and other creative personnel, the world would be a better place.

Jean Shiffman, Back Stage West

Mark Travis takes the mystery out of directing with this comprehensive and inspired guide to the craft of helming a movie.

Stage and Screen

Travis has written an excellent guide on the art of directing, and how to work with other professionals to achieve an artistic and commercial goal.

Cyber Film School

A more practical, by-the-numbers guide to directing than theory-ladenbooks like The Eisenstein Reader. Travis (a film and TV lenser) shows us what it takes to excel behind the camera.

Sable Jak, Scr(I)pt Magazine

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