Mark W Travis

The Directors Director

For Directors

With astonishing clarity Mark Travis articulates the techniques and skills of film directing.

John Badham, Director, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

Learn how to:

  • Get brilliant rewrites from screenwriters, even under pressure
  • Create a more effective and efficient casting process
  • Generate mind-blowing authentic performances, even from non-actors
  • Deliver on time and under budget
  • Effortlessly manage on set chaos
  • Get every shot you need for post-production
  • And most importantly, get hired again
  • Seminars & Workshops for Directors

For Writers

I made a common mistake thinking I knew my own script simply because I wrote it. Working with Mark forces you to go much deeper than the simple text on the page.  Without this sort of work, you're winging it without even knowing it.


Learn how to:

  • Develop the full potential of your script, before writing it
  • Understand what top directors are looking for to get attached
  • Build REAL (not contrived) character history
  • Create riveting character subtext
  • Mold characters emotionally and psychologically, before you write
  • Create extraordinary rewrites, even under crisis or a time crunch
  • And most importantly, get hired again
  • Seminars & Workshops for Writers

For Actors

I have admired Mark Travis' work with actors for many years.

Beau Bridges, Golden Globe & Emmy Award-Winning Actor

Learn how to:

  • Get noticed by top directors, writers, and producers
  • Remedy weak scripts and inexperienced scene partners
  • Expertly direct and stage yourself for award-winning performances¬†
  • Blow away casting directors with instantaneous authentic performances
  • Expertly understand camera angles for increased scene tension and conflict
  • Build your character, even when shooting out of sequence
  • And most importantly, get hired again
  • Seminars & Workshops for Actors

Mark W Travis is The Director's Director

Instant Authentic Performances for Directors, Actors, and Writers

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